The stronger civilization,The greater the energy consumption,This is the so-called conservation of energy。

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At the same time these powerful civilizations,For energy harvesting,Must have its own unique way。 “All right,Don’t want to,Wash up,Then go shopping with me!” ———— Chapter Seventy Nine Two uncomfortable people […]

“Yes indeed,Brother,What money to talk about。”Leopard seems to be drained suddenly,I can’t get excited anymore,Secretly I just want to slap myself hard!‘Fucking!What am I doing so much?!I、I……Wang Shuai, you should try to persuade you,Did I pretend to be reluctant to accept it in the end??’

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however,Wang Shuai doesn’t mention the thank you fee at all…… Abao drove all the way,I want to slap myself all the way,however,he can not,Finally, I have to persuade myself repeatedly:Be […]

Looking at the people in the West Side Alliance,Qin Feng frowned,“All right,The boss behind you is definitely not just from Xicheng,I think other areas are also the same boss, right??Let him out and see me,Let’s negotiate!”

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Qin Feng is straightforward。 But he finished saying this,The other members of the West Side Alliance are obviously a little unhappy。 “who do you think You Are?Do we listen to […]

text third chapter Right or wrong

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“Ok,You are very right!The future is an era of internationalization。but,The future is also an era of diversification,Can’t learn English well,There are still many ways to go,Just work hard,Not necessarily rubbish。”Lu […]

“Strong man stay,Dare to ask you what to do in Hongliucheng?”Lord Liu saw that he was leaving,I suddenly thought of something,Can’t help but ask。

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Lu Menglin shrugged his shoulders pretendingly,Loudly:“My family sells meat in Hongliucheng,I heard that half of the tax is reduced,Life at home will be better from now on,Maybe my father will […]

Receive money and address,The boss immediately promised,I’ll post everything properly。They even paid the courier fee,I’m just a little troublesome,Wrap it up,Just let people pick up the mail。

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This pedestrian,Clear all the cork paintings he has accumulated these days,How can you not thank? Hu Yang also reminded:“boss,You can actually open an online store or something,Isn’t it better than […]

Facing Rosemary’s unbelievable home port,Chen Geng nodded heavily:“Yes!”

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———— First584chapter Who got the idea? ? Hey……Acquaintance! Looking at Kiyama Yoshiichi behind Hiroshi Kawakami,Chen Geng’s heartfelt kindness。 Kawakami Hiroshi looked at the height of eight meters、Chen Geng is tall […]

“Come in,Also went out,Your secretary is really interesting。”Qin Feng smiled indifferently。

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“Dangdang……”Tang Rou hesitated outside the door for a long time,Considering whether to go in again,The final decision is better to go in,So Tang Rou knocked gently on the door three […]

Osades shook his head,Feishen hit Shanyou again with a punch,The ending is no different from not long ago,Shan You still flew far away。

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There was a guy who wanted to pick up heads,Unexpectedly, suddenly,Almost the sheet cut his head with the meniscus in his hand。 The man secretly sighed his reaction speed and […]